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John-Roger's Challenge of the Week

Every week we feature a challenge to encourage your spiritual practice & growth.

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Okay, challenge time this week. Challenge time is fun!

The challenge this week is to be happy all week long.

I said that to some people and they found out it was really quite difficult to be happy all week. Too many things kept coming in.

The second part of the challenge is to keep going this week with the idea that failure is a stepping-stone to your success. Label your failures very clearly so you will know where to step on them. If you're not sure, say "Failure!" and then use it to go.

You are going to see your successes coming forward so fast that you're going to say, "Wow! I was creating the idea of failure, but that's retreating in another direction, or going forward towards the rear, or however you want to call it."

Any movement is a movement forward.

-John-Roger, DSS