Ask John-Roger: Spiritual Love? Reincarnation? Do Prayers Work?… and More

By: John-Roger, DSS

August 17th, 2018

Ask John-Roger:  Spiritual Love? Reincarnation? Do Prayers Work?… and More

This Q&A with John-Roger was previously published in the Movement Newspaper, March 1986

“Temper your prayers with the knowledge that God does know what is for your Highest Good.” – John-Roger

Q: How can someone best express their spiritual love for another person in a dominantly physical-emotional world? How can I best express that love for you?

J-R: Before expressing spiritual love for another, it is necessary to awaken yourself to that spiritual love. Such awakening occurs during spiritual exercises, and such expressions are strengthened by the highest spiritual act on the physical level-service. By service I do not mean those who have a job that involves service (i.e. doctors, nurses, social workers, etc.). I mean giving for the joy of giving with no recompense other than the privileged opportunity acted upon.

When you have expressed yourself consistently in these two areas over a period of time, spiritual love will become your primary expression.

Then every person (not just “another person”) will be a receptacle of your loving. It will not be so much as a conscious design of you being a spiritual lover to another, rather it will be the joy of the Spirit expressed through you. But remember, first you must fill your own cup by spiritual actions, and then you give of the overflow. (And you can “best express that love” for me by learning how to love yourself, and then we both get the benefit of that spiritual loving.)

Q: If the Soul is perfect, why does it continually have to reincarnate?

J-R: First of all, there really is only one incarnation, and that took place when a being lost awareness of the perfection of Soul. Subsequently, there are re-embodiments giving the being as many opportunities to gain awareness of this divine perfection. As one experiences Soul through the various levels (physical, astral, causal, mental, and etheric), eventually the awakening and alignment with the perfection takes place. When I say not one Soul will be lost, that is God’s will. In time, all elements of a being will become at one with Soul and the perfection. How long and how many experiences (lifetimes) it takes, is up to you. That is God’s gift to each of us: free choice. (Even though each Soul is perfect, it lacks many experiences.)

Q: What is the best way to keep our auras clean?

J-R: Positive, supportive, loving behavior with yourself and others is the key. In addition, in MSIA, certain members of staff are trained to do aura balances, which cleans up negativity in that area.

Q: How do our thoughts create negativity in our auras?

J-R: It is not so much an issue of our thoughts creating negativity, but rather when we put energy into negative thoughts and create negative energy patterns by doing negative things. It is participation in negativity by focusing and acting on it that do affect our auras. Also, there are times when it is possible to be in a negative ambiance, or with others who express negativity, that our auras can also be adversely affected.

Q: If I ask for God’s Light to be somewhere, will it know what to do? Do I have to know what I am praying for in a situation for my prayers to work?

J-R: Usually, when you ask for Light for a person or condition, you are already aware of the specific problems or obstacles involved. That awareness goes with your prayer as you put it into the Light. If you put it into the Light, for the Highest Good, without being attached to the solution or outcome, then indeed, the Highest Light of God does know what to do.

If you pray for something specific in a particular situation, such as a car, a job, a lottery ticket winning, a relationship, or a physical condition, be aware that such specific prayers can have a string attached to it, namely your choice for the outcome. They are not always for your Highest Good. And if you choose to go that way, you may be calling on the magnetic Light, which is also very powerful. In fact, you may get what you pray for, and all that comes with it. We sometimes get what we want along with the problems that come with it. There is an old saying, “Watch out for what you want, you just might get it.” I suggest that you do not use God or the Light as the bellhop in the sky. Rather temper your prayers with the knowledge that God does know what is for your Highest Good, and let it be alright to get what you pray for, and if you don’t, accept that not getting it is also for your advancement and benefit.

Baruch Bashan


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