Keys to Creating Heaven on Earth – Part II

By: John Morton, DSS

August 17th, 2018

Keys to Creating Heaven on Earth – Part II


This article is part two of a two part series, taken from a seminar John gave in Los Angeles on May 15, 2018 titled “Keys to Creating Heaven on Earth.”  The seminar included a time for questions and answers with John where participants wrote questions on cards and John answered them.

Don’t entertain anything less than the highest good. Consider you have the wisdom to know what that is. It would be something like you would be invited to hurt but you would refuse. You would be invited to cheat or lie and you would refuse.” – John Morton

Don’t entertain anything less than the highest good

Q:  Can you help with a wonderful key to overcoming the obstacle for the highest good?

John: Don’t entertain anything less than the highest good. Consider you have the wisdom to know what that is. It would be something like you would be invited to hurt but you would refuse. You would be invited to cheat or lie and you would refuse. It’s not what heaven on earth conducts. Heaven on earth conducts the whole truth, a living truth that’s full of loving. That’s my wonderful key. And it says, P.S., I love.

Q: Please, can you give me a special blessing for me and my family?

John: Let’s do this for your family that is all people, all living things. Then in my relationship to all living things I’ve visited quantum physics, and things move at the micro order and the macro order. Everything is moving so I interpret it as everything is alive; all energy fields are in movement.

Let’s consider that the blessing now goes to all energy fields for health, happiness, love, and money. And let’s also consider that these blessings come down from heaven and there is more than enough for everyone.

Q:  Can you give me a key about my job?

John: I was in the University of Santa Monica recently where I’m in a position called chancellor and we were having a board meeting.  I saw words from Khalil Gibran posted twice, so I figured, “Okay, this must be something for me, because I’ve now seen it twice.”  On the poster were the words, “Work is your love made visible.” So, consider your job involves your work that is love made visible.

So, you take your love and put it into your job, however you would do that. Maybe you have to tell somebody, “I can’t do this job if there’s not loving in it. So, if you give me a job that’s something less than loving, I’m not your guy (or your gal).” So, then those jobs that are less than loving wouldn’t get done in heaven. Only the jobs that are loving and greater loving are becoming manifest.

Q: If I am experiencing heaven on the inner, how do I live in that on the outer? In this world I see so much discord, disagreement, and negativity.

Look for the good, the divine in people and things and all the rest leave to God

John: One of the keys to creating heaven on earth, is something John-Roger called the secret to Soul Transcendence.  It’s not really a secret since we share it, but it is to “Look for the good and the divine in people and things and all the rest leave to God.” Let’s include heaven here. Look for the heaven in people and things. That is another part.

The first part is look. Is that really difficult – to look? Even if you lost your vision you could still look. Do you understand that? It’s like I’m exploring, I’m opening my consciousness for greater experience. That’s another way of looking. So, look for the good, for the divine that is heaven on earth in people and things and all the rest leave to God.

It’s like, God in a very personal way is saying to each of us, “I’ve got this. The part that you don’t see as good, I’ve got it. Let me have it.” Let’s consider that it’s taken away, it’s dissolved, it’s returned to that from which it came, also often referred to as the nothingness; it’s no thing. It was in some way just something we indulged in and then when we had enough of less than heaven, God would take it. Leave it to God, that we would be those who are looking to good and following good and putting good into greater manifestation. Heaven on earth.

Q: Does working with the Traveler expedite working through our karma?

John: Yes, and then let’s look at what is karma.  Karma is what we need to experience and learn in order to also know heaven is present, the divine is present, good is present.

Q: If that is so, does that mean I also shorten my life or lives on earth? So, if the Traveler is helping me with karma, does that mean my life is shortened?

John:  Actually, it could be extended. However, there’s an opportunity to come into something similar to what is called carbon neutral, or having a net zero carbon footprint, where instead of taking energy, we are giving energy.  We can come to a consciousness in which our karma is with God. That’s our responsibility and opportunity – to experience and learn directly in God, in that consciousness that is God, such that, in the fullness of what that is, we would be transformed and transported to that place which is entirely God. Then we could bring that place here because that consciousness that is entirely God can reside in the flesh. We can look through the eyes, we can listen through the ears, we can speak however we would speak, so that there would be no difference between what you would be hearing in the highest heaven and what you hear here on earth.

There would be no difference, just the form of it. That form would be conducted through in this world such that you would have the opportunity to understand that it’s also in all the other forms, and maintains itself so it has an integrity that’s not lost as it comes into the flesh. But what becomes necessary is that we come into what Jesus referred to as the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and to also be in oneness with what that is in your expression.

Service – another opportunity to create heaven on earth

If it would shorten your time on earth, then it would be that. If it would be extending your time on earth, it would be that. It would be at your service; that I’m here to serve. John-Roger also expressed that service is the highest consciousness in the world. There’s no greater consciousness than that which serves all and continues serving all.

Let’s consider that’s heaven on earth. That’s another opportunity to create heaven on earth; to be of service. Be of service in the highest way, but also in the least way. Often people would say, “Well, no, it’s somebody else’s responsibility,” or, “I’m sorry, I have something of greater calling and I can’t attend to that.” Maybe consider you’re being called into something that would be for the least one of them, or the least place of service and that you would also go there.

Not that your answer will alter your chosen path, but do you have that willingness to be altered? Or do you have something that’s attached, fixed, such as “I’m not willing to do that. I have conditional serving, not unconditional serving. These are my terms, if you can satisfy my terms and my lawyer agrees, then I’ll be of service.”  Once anything is   conditioned to be less than the highest good of all concerned, then it’s no longer a consciousness of service.  Service is a consciousness of the divine and heaven on earth.

Q: I keep hearing inwardly to get married, even though I’ve dreamed of other things. I am not in a relationship right now, and I feel getting married would be a big sacrifice because of everything else I’ve wanted to do and be instead. I would like healing on this feeling of fighting inside of me so I can feel peace with what is.

John: Some of the ways we are transformed – that which would be keeping us in something less than heaven – those could be things like desires, attachments, what we yearn for, what we consider we’re not fulfilled without having, something like a bucket list, et cetera. So, consider that you could order that in a way so that you would be completely satisfied while you are here on earth.  And, that would take place from the inside out and from your highest consciousness coming more present and manifesting as you. Then you could ask yourself, “Do I want to get married?  Or, am I looking for that as an experience of my fulfillment for what I came into this world to experience for the highest good?”

Q: I am open to whatever you may be able to share with me about working more with the Mystical Traveler Consciousness.

John: Continue; that’s how it works. And then as it progresses it becomes more and more you are the Mystical Traveler Consciousness. Then you get the experience that it has a quality that loves all, forgives all, enjoys all, has peace with all. Does that sound frightening?  It doesn’t to me. It’s an opportunity to become more and more that you are this consciousness.

It starts within you. So, learn what that is for you. Learn how you call forward the Mystical Traveler Consciousness, and then get ready to become one with what it is. There’s no real difference. And what that also opens up is the opportunity to experience it in the other levels, in the other places where the consciousness resides. That would be everywhere.

Q: Can you provide feedback on the key to releasing deep sadness and/or grief?

John: Let’s consider, if we could do this one key, heaven on earth would be here for all of us. If we could release sadness and grief all around the world, even in the animal kingdom, and the plant kingdom.  If you consider that those are sentient living beings that somehow feel when we’re off, when we’re expressing sadness or grief that then becomes harm or violence.

Look for the good that would lead to greater good, to the highest good

John: Here is what I’m hearing. That part where we would look for the good would lead to our joy, our contentment, our fulfillment, our upliftment, our inspiration. Then it would lead to greater good; it would lead to the highest good. And something like sadness and grief, give it to God; all the rest give to God.

So, let’s consider this last card is a magic card that somehow if you’re willing, if you will play along, as if you were five years old once again and you just go along when someone says, “You know, if you put your grief to me I’ll put it on this card, and all your sadness and all that’s been bothering you, so you don’t have to carry it anymore, that all you need to do is let it go.” However you see that for yourself, maybe it’s magically coming out of you, perhaps you’re feeling an energy field changing so that something that has grief or sadness or any kind of negativity in you is melting, dissolving; it’s being pulled forward.

Now, I’m starting to see the Holy Spirit on this paper. So, I’m seeing very powerful Light here, and it gives confidence that I can handle this, that I’m doing this for the Holy Spirit. That consciousness, it’s anointed to forgive all, all the damage, all the disturbance from any time, any place, any consciousness, and for anything that is related to that kind of condition.

Let’s consider the spirit within you is answering this. That consciousness that is heaven inside of you is bringing you what you’re asking for, for the highest good.


Lord, thank you for giving us this opportunity to come into your keys, which are freely provided, to each and every one of us. They are living keys, the keys of the heart. They are held in perfect transmission that none lose these keys. So we are to love, we are to live a life of greater peace and joy with all, that we can be the consciousness of heaven. And that’s what it is on this earth, that we are the consciousness of heaven. So it’s done; it’s clear; it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. We are full of keys to heaven on earth.

Baruch Bashan.

You may view the blessing using the link below.


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