Midwest Conference – Kalamazoo, MI 2018 [with Video]

By: Susan Wiltse

September 6th, 2018

Kalamazoo was once again mega-blessed by the visit of John Morton, Leigh Taylor-Young Morton, and Staff to our humble (and much under construction) midwest town. And even though walking around town was often met with crosswalk barricades and cranes, not to mention the drizzle that was falling, John and Leigh along with Bruce and Darby Fetzer, walked around town graciously planting Light columns before the Friday evening seminar.

As folks from this area know, the Fetzer Institute was founded by John E. Fetzer, who came to Kalamazoo in 1931 and started out of a shoebox what eventually became the CBS affiliate for southwest Michigan. He also owned (though he preferred to call it a stewardship) the Detroit Tigers baseball team from 1961 to 1983, and many think his teaching them to meditate was a factor in winning the 1968 World Series.

But above all, Mr. Fetzer was interested in bringing people together to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. And his great-nephew, Bruce Fetzer, president and CEO of Fetzer Institute, is carrying forward that tradition of not only bringing folks from different walks of life together to appreciate one another, but also to put into action ways more and more people can be brought into a space of respect for and kindness toward each other. So, much gratitude for what was going on even before our weekend officially started.

About 60 initiates and newcomers came out to spend their Friday evening with us. Leigh did a wonderful introduction to the evening by talking about what various meanings of “Divine Presence” could be. Such as, the word divine can mean something better than our senses can perceive, and presence can be something invisible but still palpable. It’s not something you have to be really smart, or really beautiful, or really rich or powerful in order to experience it. Instead, you experience divine presence when you are in, or act from, a place of loving. Like most things mystical: so simple AND so profound.

I think we watched a J-R video short or two (I know there were quite a few great ones on Saturday and Sunday—some from seminars that had never been made public) and then John came up and took questions from newbies and long-time MSIAers alike in his magnificently loving style. The Presence of the Divine was definitely palpable in the room, and I would guess most everyone went home to a great night’s sleep.

On Saturday and Sunday, Angel and Cleora facilitated, and we watched some really hilarious (and previously unseen) videos w/ John and J-R taking sharing at a seminar. The one with the lady with control issues had us laughing hysterically. John graciously took questions for a couple hours each Saturday morning and afternoon, and Sunday morning. If you want to attend a gathering that has a couple profound processes, lots of sharing time with John, and great video clips, The Divine Presence is the one!

Our deep gratitude goes to John & Leigh, Angel & Cleora, Roger (sound & video), Carole Nyitray (team captain), Irene Skylis (products), Kay Stolsonburg (guardian angel), and Bob Skylis & Lorraine Andrew (holding the focus and getting people registered for this event). We already have 60+ paid deposits for next year, so we invite you to join us then in Kalamazoo!

Until then, Baruch Bashan.

If you’d like to participate in the 2019 events in Kalamazoo, email Lorraine Andrew at lajoyful@gmail.com


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